The JobCost system was developed to seamlessly integrate with AccountMate’s LAN and SQL accounting systems. This includes real time integration with AccountMate’s payroll, purchase order, accounts payable, inventory control, accounts receivable and sales order modules. JobCost’s look and feel is so similar to AccountMate’s, it appears to be an AccountMate module.

JobCost is designed for small to mid sized contractors and other project oriented businesses. It provides the tools needed by management to achieve maximum productivity and profitability on their jobs.

Industries using JobCost include:

 Engineering FirmsRoofing Contractors 
 Plumbing ContractorsElectrical Contractors 
 Stage ProductionsRefridgeration Contractors 
 Equipment Contractors Architectural Firms
 Steel ErectorsGeneral Contractors 
 Landscape DevelopmentHVAC Contractors 
 Furniture Installers Remodeling Contractors

Isys also has a Sales Tax Module:

The Sales Tax Module was developed to seamlessly integrate in real time with AccountMate’s SQL/SQL Express 7’s Sales Order, Account Receivable, Return Authorization and Contact Manager Modules.  The Sales Tax Module has two primary functions: Zip Code and Sales Tax Code.  Click here for more detailed information.