Fourim Consulting, LLC was started in September of 1999 to fill the Information Technology needs of small and medium size enterprises like yours. More and more companies find they need to use technology to compete in the marketplace and struggle to find partners that can provide them with the tools and services to compete. Many IT consulting firms were ignoring the small market looking to land the "Fortune" sized clients, while we remained focused on companies like yours. We were apparently on the right track, because in 2000, Microsoft launched a Small Business Unit and began courting firms like ours to help them reach the small enterprise. Soon other major IT firms began to follow suit. With the relationships we have developed with our partners, we believe we can provide most of your needs or refer you to our partners to meet all your needs.

Our Mission

We are focused on providing business process, accounting, information management and custom software solutions for small to medium sized organizations. We strive to maintain a partnership with our customers through four basic tenants: Honesty, Quality, Professionalism, Teamwork.