ALERE Manufacturing for AccountMate ____________________________________________________________________ 

Product Description 

TIW’s ALERE Manufacturing for AccountMate includes: The Order Module, initiates jobs in the shop, provides the instructions and materials lists for building the items, tracks the progress of the orders and posts finished goods to inventory. 

The Route Module, which is responsible for the routing instructions used by work orders to manufacture items. 

The Machine Module defines the capacity of the manufacturing facility and helps with the machine maintenance. 

The Schedule Module develops a production plan for processing work orders through a manufacturing facility. 

The BOM Module is responsible for bills of material and for the material requirements planning (MRP) process. The module also manages material orders for small jobs that only require a material list and simple back flushing capability. 

The Plan Module reviews the material required for all levels from the sales order down to the raw materials in one single step. 

The Cost Module is responsible for estimating and tracking the costs associated with the manufacturing process. 

Company Profile 

TIW has been providing software solutions since 1983. Thousands of clients, who range in size from small operations all the way to substantial corporations, rely on applications from TIW. They do so because of the considerable experience that is used by TIW to develop sophisticated manufacturing products designed to fit the needs of their businesses. 

Customizations can easily be brought forward from version to version by following the guidelines for using these tools, thus protecting a company’s investment in the future.

TIW prides itself on offering mission critical software products one hundred percent developed with our own internal team.