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Product Description 

Aatrix Software, Inc. produces an integrated Electronic Filing (eFiling) and electronic payroll reporting service for employee Federal and State W-2s and 1099s. 

In addition to this integrated federal and state W-2 and 1099 eFiling service, Aatrix offers AccountMate payroll clients Federal and State payroll forms, more available services for increased payroll reports and a print and mailing out service for employees’ W-2s directly or online. Other options include quarterly and annual new hire reports and the payment of employee eFiling requirements (940, 941, Wage Withholding, State & Federal Payments) as well as an unlimited filing selection. 

Aatrix's State & Fed Payroll Reports™ allows Payroll customers to automatically complete over 250 state & federal unemployment, withholding, and new hire reports from the payroll data within their payroll software. Aatrix State & Fed Payroll Reports eliminates the need to create these reports manually. Once the reports are automatically completed, reviewed, and edited on screen, they are printed on plain paper, ready to be mailed or eFiled. 

AccountMate clients are able to select and purchase these Electronic Filing (eFiling) and reports services through Aatrix Software, Inc. The Aatrix subscription model for clients to choose these optional services will be made from the AccountMate Payroll module. 

Company Profile 

Located in Grand Forks, ND, Aatrix Software has been developing innovative accounting software solutions since 1986. Originally founded to develop Macintosh accounting and payroll applications, Aatrix's Electronic Forms Division has established itself as a leader in payroll tax forms, providing Electronic Payroll Reports and eFiling (Windows and Macintosh) to accounting software. Aatrix's finance software has received numerous awards, including Software Digests highest overall rating and Home Office Computing Editors Pick.