InfoAlert for AccountMate

Business Activity Monitoring

InfoAlert for AccountMate® is a business activity monitoring program that produces alerts, actions and events based on conditions within your data that you have specified it to look for.

Alerts… scans your data looking for conditions or criteria you have asked it to look for. Purchases have not been received, orders with a low gross margin, an important item needs to be reordered, etc. Once identified you will be alerted by email, fax or printed report.

Actions… can automatically send dunning messages, order acknowledgements, invoices and other customer related messages that you configure. It can also request status of late shipments from your vendors, requests for product quotes and other actions you require.

Events… can be configured to create and send files as email attachments, update customer credit hold flags, move suspect orders to another batch, update CRM data, and other unattended functions.

Why InfoAlert?

Their are many pre-defined alerts to send emails to specific individuals or groups that need to be aware of a situation that has just occurred or a reminder to take some action. These email alerts can be administered to send an alert to one specific person or to a specified group of people. No longer do people have to read reports and manually send off an email. Proper alerts can be scheduled by an Administrator who names the appropriate addressee and then when a condition is met, emails get fired off automatically.

Alert Manager is actually more than just an alert generator! An alert can send an email notification but also can initiate an action to take place. An example would be if inventory of a specific item is falling below a prescribed level it can alert the appropriate person and also generate a PO to reorder a supply.

There are currently over 30 pre-defined alerts that come standard in the Alert Manager for AccountMate product. These are powerful and valuable tools for an organization. More than 90% of these standard pre-defined alerts have the flexibility to be tailored. Examples of parameters that can be tailored would be some of the ranges (i.e. list of accounts that are over 30 days overdue or 45 days overdue or 60 days overdue, etc.) and to whom the alerts are emails (i.e. if ABC Company's account is overdue by 30 days, then Mary Smith gets emailed; if DEF Company is overdue by 45 days, then Fred Jones gets emailed; if any account is over 45 days, then the President Amy Jones gets emailed., etc.) So more than one parameter can be set for a single alert function.

In addition to the standard Alert-Manager for AccountMate product, there is an available development Tool Kit that must be used to modify or add additional alerts.

Sample Alerts

   Customers with open A/R invoices over x days
   Open orders older than x days
   Open Purchase Orders that have not been received
   Customers over their credit limit
   Orders with a gross margin less than x
   Items below their order point
   Employees x days past their hire date
   Customers who have not purchased in x days
   Send electronic Invoices
   Email or Fax customer dunning notice
   Send order acknowledgements
   Request P/O delivery status from vendors
   Check order entry to verify margins
   Place customers on credit hold when over limit
   Generate Excel sheet, payroll data
   GL Accounts within x% of budget

InfoAlert for AccountMate and Your Business

Nearly every business, regardless of scope and size, can benefit from a business alert solution. If you're ready to explore a business strategy more tightly focused on providing the best possible service to your customers, call us toll-free at 877-867-1118 or email at