NexSQLBack ____________________________________________________________________ 

Product Description 

NexSQLBack™ provides a simple graphical user interface to perform a “backup to a file” of the company database and, optionally, the AccountMate system database, AMWSYS, to a local hard drive on your database server. While not a substitute for regular, automated backups – or a database maintenance plan – NexSQLBack has proven itself a genuine lifesaver in numerous installations as the “snapshot file” created by NexSQLBack is then easily backed up by simple filebased backup programs on your server and provides an excellent reference point for restoration in the event of catastrophic data failure.

Company Profile 

NexLAN is recognized as a leading AccountMate Solution Provider. NexLAN was selected by Accounting Technology as one of eleven Killer VARs in 2005 and “Top 100 Pacesetter” by Accounting Technology for six consecutive years from 2005-2010. NexLAN is an Elite AccountMate Business Partner and value-added-reseller specializing in custom software development and mid-tier manufacturing/accounting solutions. NexLAN can be reached at