AMmobile for AccountMate: Sales Tracker ____________________________________________________________________

 Product Description 

AMmobile for AccountMate: Sales Tracker is designed for companies that have the desire to track their sales cycle from beginning to end easily, efficiently, digitally, and while on the go. 

With AMmobile’s Sales Tracker, you can create and manage leads, prospects, customers, quotes, orders and follow-up tasks relating to each. You have access to live inventory data including on-order, on-hand and booked quantities, prices and inventory images. You can see up to date customer transactions, customer balances, and get driving directions to a customer’s location. 

Also available are graphical sales trends charts with drilldowns that show top customers, territories, items, product lines, classes and salespeople along with increases and decreases in each area, including a 3-year history. 

Company Profile 

iSOFT Systems, LLC has offices throughout the US and in Canada. Since 1990, they have delivered thousands of modifications and provided top quality support to the AccountMate community. In 2012, they began development on a mobile solution that would revolutionize the way users interact with AccountMate on the go. AMmobile launched in mid-2013 and has been evolving ever since. 

INFOtrac Customer Relationship Management ____________________________________________________________________ 

Product Description

Two INFOtrac product offerings are available: • INFOtrac Standard • INFOtrac SQL for unlimited number of users and increased scalability INFOtrac is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that manages and reports on every interaction entered for a prospect, client, supplier, contact, or branch office. It will even schedule the next appropriate interaction–enabling exceptional account management and customer service. With just a glance, you can view all the past interactions with each contact providing the ability to track activity, issues and interactions with all your clients. It will even manage your meetings, phone calls, e-mail and daily tasks. 

Contact information is easily searchable and manageable so you can access required records quickly in order to generate reports, mail merges or other customer service/management relate activities. INFOtrac works with programs like Microsoft Office so data can be merged and utilized in other programs to create custom mailings, mass e-mails, reports or other necessary business documents. 

INFOtrac also provides for superior customization. Fields and screens can be customized to the way your business work flows. Contacts can also be grouped and segregated into different categories, creating a flexible reporting system. Contact lists for mass e-mails can be created “on-the-fly” to insure quick and easy communication between you and your customers.


• Key CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality 

• Key SFA (Sales Force Automation) functionality • Both the Quotation module and the Order module (via AccountMate) allow for INFOtrac SQL to post a quote to AccountMate software system as a quote. Only INFOtrac SQL quotes are posted into AccountMate. 

• Opportunity Management module provides the ability to track and manage prospective sales with a dashboard view of all business in the sales pipeline. 

• Remote Synchronization option allows users world-wide to run INFOtrac SQL on their desktop or notebook computers without having to be connected to the Internet. 

Company Profile 

For over 15 years, INFOtrac has met the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs of small and mid-sized companies throughout the world. INFOtrac offers the type of functionality found in enterprise-wide solutions, scaled to affordably meet the needs of smaller organizations, and corporate departments that specialize in exclusive business processes.