Acme Point of Sale ____________________________________________________________________

Product Description 

Point of sale software, equipment and systems built for specialty retail.  

Acme Point of Sale is fast, feature rich and user friendly. Acme is designed from the ground up as true point of sale that interfaces to a multitude of POS hardware for a complete solution. Our credo “Keep the Lanes Moving” addresses the main needs of retailers and resellers… Be fast, flexible, fault tolerant and fool proof. 

Acme includes our traditional user interface and our awesome “gotta see it” touch screen.  
We are load tested to 25 lanes, 2,500 transactions per hour, 250,000 items and 250,000 customers. To keep the lanes moving with large databases we include multiple PLU’s per item, printable bar coded price books, Merge Scan, Super Find (think google) and much more. 

Acme Point of Sale. Checkout. -The way it should be. 

Company Profile 

Total BusinessWare was founded in 1999 to support accounting system resellers.

AMmobile for AccountMate: Walk-Up Sales ____________________________________________________________________ 

Product Description

AMmobile for AccountMate: Walk-Up Sales is designed for companies that process same-day sales transactions. This could be selling from a truck, from a will-call window, at a trade show, in a retail store, or while walking around a showroom floor with the customer. 

With AMmobile’s Walk-Up Sales, you can create an order, relieve inventory and process payments in one easy process and all the data will be sent to AccountMate instantly. You have the option of using the devices built-in camera or any Bluetooth scanning device to quickly and easily scan barcodes and add items to the order. You also have the option of typing in the credit card information, or using a 3rd party device to swipe the credit cards and they will be authorized and processed immediately. Multiple payment types are allowed and change will be calculated.

You can capture the customer’s signature right on the device and email the signed order, receipt or invoice immediately. The signed copy is also added as an AccountMate attachment automatically. 

You have access to live inventory data including on-order, on-hand and booked quantities, prices and inventory images. Also available are graphical sales trends charts with drilldowns that show top customers, territories, items, product lines, classes and salespeople along with increases and decreases in each area, including a 3-year history. 

Company Profile

 iSOFT Systems, LLC has offices throughout the US and in Canada. Since 1990, they have delivered thousands of modifications and provided top quality support to the AccountMate community. In 2012, they began development on a mobile solution that would revolutionize the way users interact with AccountMate on the go. AMmobile launched in mid-2013 and has been evolving ever since.