Announcing LAN “End of Life”


AccountMate has announced to AccountMate Business Partners and Vertical Partners that they have made a three-year plan to discontinue the AccountMate LAN sale and support as of December 31, 2024.

 Support timeframes for AccountMate LAN Versions/Builds are as follow:

 AccountMate 10 for LAN

·     Regular Support 4/30/2023

·     Extended Support 12/31/2024*

·     PR Tax Sub Support 12/31/2024*

 AccountMate 9 for LAN

·     Regular Support 6/30/2020

·     Extended Support 6/30/2024

·     PR Tax Sub Support 12/31/2024*

 *AccountMate is officially announcing the AccountMate for LAN Product version sunset (end of life) on December 31, 2024 including all currently available modules (complied & source), user licenses, maintenance plans, technical documents and payroll tax subscriptions. AccountMate will no longer accept AccountMate for LAN product orders after December 31, 2024.